A downloadable prototype for Windows

A WIP tactical rpg engine soon-to-be game.

What's (Mostly) Finished

  • Map creation and tilemaps
  • Unit movement
  • Turn management
  • Tile conditions (water, height, sloped)
  • Battle UI
  • Basic AI for movement


  • Attacking
  • The rest of the AI
  • Status effects
  • Unit death (remove from battle or death sprite?)
  • Battle conditions
  • Unit placement
  • Status screen
  • Camera controls (zoom level mostly)
  • Loss conditions
  • Movement height restriction
  • Inventory
  • World Map
  • Job classes
  • Unit types


Controls are bundled in the download.

Bug Reports

If you encounter any bugs please report them to me via my Twitter, or via my Email



Development log


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I'm not sure if something is wrong, but it won't let me install it. I'd like to play around with the engine. I installed your other game tho, which works and is a sweet game btw.

It's not letting me install it either